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We plan our yearly production in year advance to provide our products through out a year. Stable supply to our users is necessary matter. In each year, we plan our production under market situation and users needs.

If you are thinking of having long term contract with us or have large quantity, please let us know in advance so that we can conclude your needs with our yearly ahead planning. That will make us smoothly to arrange our products with your sales planning and ship to you.

For Short Term Contract Customer

We are able to supply small quantity and with specifying sizes. We will check our inventory every time we get orders and see what sizes are available. Sometime we cannot fulfill your needs however we will try our best to meet your demands.
Even small quantity, shipment will be made by container base.
Payment term is (FOB/C&F) L/C or T/T 1 week before shipment.

For Long Term Contract Customer
It will be based on yearly contract with your necessary quantity for a year. You can specify sizing and production month. For long term contract customers will get priority to choose quality and sizing in advance. As for sizing, krill are diverse in ever year so please ask us when you order.
Payment term is (FOB/C&F) L/C or T/T in advance.

If you are looking for large quantity, we can offer you with tramper base however in this case we will ship directly to your ports therefore we cannot inspect our products before we ship the products.