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Purpose of Use
Personal information which received from inquiry or written guarantee, we only use them with legitimate purposes to provide better products, services and beneficial information to you.

Collection of personal Information
If we need to collect your personal information, after we confirm from you, we will collect with necessary range

Limitation of Third Party Offer
We do not offer any personal information to third parties which are not our business partner, group business, consignment of business partner without your approval.

Proper Management of Personal Information
We address to prevent measure of leak out, falsification, destruction, loss and unlawful access of personal information with latest state.

Observation of Consignment Contract
About consignment contract, any personal information which received from consignment, we utilize with appropriate supervision.

Management of Consignment
If we were ask to consign outsider to process personal information, we do our best not to leak out your information with appropriate supervision.

Confirmation and Correction of Personal Information
If you wish to change your personal information, we correspond smoothly to change your personal information of confirmation and correction under reasonable circumstance.

Rules and Regulation
We endeavor to improve and reexamined our guiding principal continuously with relates to protection of personal information.

Please understand that we are not charge to take responsibility of any personal information of protection, utilization and management which collect from third party website which linked to our website.

Matter relates to personal information of privacy policy, please contact to following information.