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Hiromatsu kyu Fishery co., ltd. protects your personal information such as name, address, email address which can identify your personal information from threats from outside company and we promote following approach.

Please read our privacy policy as follows,

  1. Hiromatsu kyu Fishery co., ltd. continuously endeavor to improve maintenance, enforcement of personal information, protection of compliance program to let our employee know the importance of personal protection. We imply to have enlightenment activity toward our employee or we assign manager on individual information protection to settle on compliance programmed to protect personal information.

  2. When Hiromatsu kyu Fishery co., ltd. collects, use, supply and entrust your personal information, we endeavor to manage with suitable transaction.

  3. We believe to address necessary action if there is suspected fraud, situation involving potential threats to people, losing personal information date.

  4. We follow Japanese law which relates to protection of personal information.