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OKIAMI (English Name: Frozen raw krill products)

Size range S, M, L and 2L size.
Dimension of 1 carton is 60cm×34.5cm×14.5cm.
Net weight of 1 carton is about 25kgs to 27kgs.
In detail, 1 carton consists from 2 blocks of OKIAMI (frozen raw krill).
1 block of OKIAMI (frozen raw krill) is about 12.5kgs to 13.5kgs before defrosted.

For fish farming
This product is made use of baits for fish farming such as prawn, red sea bream and globefish. OKIAMI contains natural pigments which is astaxanthin makes fish meat into raddish color. And also has lots in protein, from that there is an effect of increasing weight.
The validity of this great effectiveness has been certified in Japan.
By feeding OKIAMI to fish, it will make fish oil spread well.

For luring fishes
And also OKIAMI is made use of luring fishes such as baits by fisher and anglers in Japan, Korea, Honkong, Taiwan. Because there is high validity of luring many fishes.