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OKIAMI BOIL (English Name: Frozen boiled krill products)

Size range S, M, L and 2L size.
Dimension of 1 carton is about 60cm×34.5cm×14.5cm.
Net weight of 1 carton is about 25 to 27kgs.
In detail, 1 carton consists from 2 blocks of OKIAMI BOIL (frozen boiled krill).
1 block of OKIAMI BOIL (frozen boiled krill) is about 12.5kgs to 13.5kgs before defrosted.

For luring fishes
OKIAMI BOIL is made use of luring tuna by fisher.
And Japanese anglers use it for gure as baits to get a bigger because it is not easy for small fishes to eat boiled OKIAMI. OKIAMI BOIL is harder than OKIAMI.

For food
In Japan, this product is used for human consumption too. this product is cooked as a material of tempra, kakiage etc.