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SANRIKU-AMI (English Name: Frozen Pacific Krill products)

SANRIKU-AMI does not have size ranging.
SANRIKU-AMI (Pacific krill) is smaller than OKIAMI (Antarctic krill).
Dimension of SANRIKU-AMI is about 56cm×32cm×9cm.
Net weight of 1 carton is about 15kgs.
In detail, SANRIKU-AMI is pack with paper bag.

For fish farming
This product is made use of baits for fish farming such as red sea bream etc. SANRIKU-AMI contains natural pigments which is astaxanthin makes fish meat into raddish color. The validity of this great effectiveness has been certified in Japan.

For luring fishes
And also SANRIKU-AMI is made use of fishing baits by anglers. In Japan, many anglers use SANRIKU-AMI to catch horse mackerel mainly. To lure fishes by SANRIKU-AMI is more effective than by OKIAMI. anglers change these products to suit mouth of each fishes because SANRIKU-AMI is smaller than OKIAMI.