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Hiromatsu Kyu Fishery Co., Ltd. is the leader of frozen krill (Euphausia Superba) producer and also largest importer of frozen krill (Euphausia Superba) in Japan.

We produce frozen raw krill, frozen boiled krill, frozen krill meat, krill meal and frozen Pacifica krill (Euphausia Pacifica). Our motto is to provide high quality with accurate prices, stability and high quality services. It was founded in 1965, started with fishing Baits Company. Around 1975, krill (Euphausia Superba) business started fishing start to catch in Antarctic sea. Since then we are not just expanding in fishing baits field, we are also expanding our products in aquaculture field.

We are strongly focusing on Aquaculture business. Aquaculture business has great effect on supplying Foods in a world and we believe that it will be the one to grow in krill industry in the world. Aquaculture business started in 1927 in Japan and first farmed fish was yellowtail fish. Since then Japanese aquaculture business is growing rapidly. In 1930, production of aquatic products was boasted with farmed red sea breams, blowfishes and tuna with feeding krill (Euphausia Superba) and Pacifica krill (Euphausia Pacifica).

In new century, we expect to have diversification in different field. We are putting great effort on product planning and product distribution in order to meet your demands.

Our vision is to supply natural raw materials of fish feed and helps aquaculture to develop. It is very important to meet consumer demands which have to be environmentally responsible, safe and high quality. Also natural feeds are naturally nutritionally balanced. Our frozen krill products are extremely nutrition and contain high unsaturated fatty acid which is Omega-3 and it helps growth of farmed fishes. Krill are rich in protein, astaxanthin and also it has great effect on coloration of ornamental fishes.

We believe that aquaculture business has tremendous opportunity in future. Aquatic products are consumed all over the world ad we are the one to supply raw material to develop aquaculture industry.  Natural resources are limited and aquaculture business can contribute in a world food market. Also people are promising with more healthy food and becoming aware of the benefit of eating fishes. That is why we are there to supply safety natural feed for aquaculture business.