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1965 Our firm is founded in 1965 at Onojo-city in Fukuoka.
The founder of the company is our active president Mr. Shigetoshi Hiromatsu.
1975 Taiyo fishery which is Nichiro Maruha right now, they started catching krill
(Euphausia Superba) at Antarctic Ocean experimentally.
From that we started to lay in krill as fishing baits and fish feed grade.
1982 Gradually krill business expanding satisfactorily, we established Hirota Fishery
Co., Ltd. which is forerunner of Hiromatsu Kyu Fishery Co., Ltd.
1983 We have moved our headquarter and warehouse to Hakozaki Port in Fukuoka.
1984 We changed the name of the company from Hirota Fishery Co., Ltd. to
Hiromatsu Kyu Fishery Co., Ltd.
1985 We established Kagoshima Branch at Taniyama port in Kagoshima.
1990 We moved 3,000 ton of cold storage and the office building of company to
Matsuda in Fukuoka.
1996 We adopted sub name of "HIROKYU" and introduction of CI.
We tackled with new product as HIROKYU brand.
2000 We moved processing factory, cold storage, the office of building to new
gateway at Park Port in Fukuoka.
2004 We started business with Daito Fishing Co., Ltd.
and now they are an associated company.
2010 We established kansai sales Office at Nanko, Suminoe - Ku in Osaka .
2011 We established Hiroshima sales Office at kusatsusinmachi , Nishi - Ku in Hiroshima .